Project Planning with Open WorkBench™

This FREE e‑book with accompanying data files is a beginners guide and tutorial to using the project scheduling tool “Open Workbench™”.

Plan and Execute Projects Like a Pro

As a chemical engineer, you are responsible for project execution and you’ll need to make commitments to others in the team. As your experience grows, so will your responsibilities and soon if not already will you need to make commitments for others working under your supervision as well. Due to license cost issues you may not get access to commercial planning software like Primavera™ or Microsoft Project™. However, you can achieve the same level of professionalism using the freeware alternative “Open Workbench”. All you need to do is described step-wise in this FREE e-book.

Using OWB you can analyze the logic of your project execution plan, identify resource constraints or required manpower loading for your project scope, keep track of earned progress and efficiency, and provide accurate estimates at all times of hours to complete and projected finish dates of activities. OWB will give you clarity and insight.

Even if you’re acting as a one man team these capabilities can be invaluable and will make you stand out as a real deal professional engineer that gets the job done. If you’re heading a team it will help you present hard evidence for staffing requirements that will help you get the support you need.

So get your copy of this FREE e‑book and learn to plan and execute like a pro!

Get Started Immediately

This e‑book is by no means a replacement for the extensive software manual provided with OWB that describes all details of the package in full. However, given the level of detail in this manual, the beginner will tend to get overwhelmed and loose track of how and where to begin. Also, the OWB user manual is set‑up more like a reference manual than a tutorial.

It is the intent of this e‑book to close this gap and show by example how a simple project plan is prepared in OWB, how views and settings can be adjusted to your needs, and introduce how the program can be used to keep track of progress.

What’s in it For You?

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Project Planning with Open WorkBench™