“Learn how to Catch Mistakes before they Catch up with You!”

In the EPC business a fair number of design mistakes, misconceptions or even simple goof-ups tend to occur each year. Most of them will have minor consequences, but corrective actions for some may significantly impact manhours, schedule and/or investment on your project.

In order to improve the competitiveness of your engineering bureau (and your potential end-year bonus!) driving down the error-rate of your project team is an obvious target to strive for. It will also make yourself stand out in front of your clients (or prospective employers) as the professional who gets a quality job done on time and on budget.

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As an engineer or project manager, you can play a pivotal role in your project team in case you are able to sniff out trouble even before it’s actually heading towards you. This way potential problems may be tackled before they take on unmanageable proportions.

“21 Process Design Pitfalls”, is an e-book that will help you develop the right mindset for this task. It provides technical guidance and case studies, using real life examples in which the proverbial S**T has actually hit the fan!

Learn from mistakes made by others

Wouldn’t it be great to learn from mistakes made by others and avoid to have to make these mistakes yourself? However, you can look hard but there aren’t any books in print on the subject. And as even Google will fail you (just try and see…), where do you turn to? Now here’s your lucky break: you can get access to:

“21 Process Design Pitfalls”.

In this e-book I present 21 prominent ways in which your process design or project can go wrong. I also give you pointers for avoiding this to happen. Among other subjects, and without compromising client confidentiality of course, topics are covered in the field of:

  • Hydraulics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Safety in process design
  • Equipment design
  • Use of computers
  • Project execution
  • Sound work procedures
  • Material selection
21 Process Design Pitfalls

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Real life examples

All of the examples have been taken from real projects over the last 20 years. This all new version of the e-book will deliver no less than 40 pages of in depth information to help you become more effective, as well to help you grow as an authority figure in your job. Get your copy of this e-book and you’ll learn from the mistakes of others. Don’t pay the price of repeating mistakes! Develop a mindset to “smell” trouble from a distance. Then you’ll be able to catch mistakes before they catch up with you!

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