Improve the way you execute your projects

In the EPC business a fair number of design mistakes, misconceptions or even simple goof-ups stand in the way of sound project execution (and profit!) each year.

As an engineer, you can play a pivotal role in the project team in case you are able to sniff out trouble the moment it’s heading towards you. This way the problem can be tackled before it takes on unmanageable proportions.

The e-book “21 Process Design Pitfalls” will help you develop the right mindset for this task, using real life examples in which the proverbial s**t really hit the fan!

Version 2.0 of this bestselling e-book is now available in the e-book libary!


Open Workbench will be presenting a new version of their planning software soon and is also upgrading their website momentarily. As a result the site may not be available for downloading their current OWB version.

Please be aware that an alternative download mirror exists at where the current verstion 1.1.6 can be  downloaded.

Of course the falchemist ebook on OWB will be reviewed and updated as well as soon as the new version of OWB has been officially released. Everyone who has downloaded this ebook will be informed by email automatically. If you have not done so already, get your own copy and be the first to know!

This FREE e‑book with accompanying data files is a beginners guide and tutorial to using the project scheduling tool “Open Workbench™”. It is now available in the Falchemist e-book Libary.

Plan and Execute Like a Pro

As a chemical engineer, you are responsible for project execution and you’ll need to make commitments to others in the team. As your experience grows, so will your responsibilities and soon if not already will you need to make commitments for others working under your supervision as well.

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When organizing your working day or week, you can greatly enhance your efficiency (of that ouf your team for that matter) by clearly defining priorities for your tasks.

A good method of setting priorities is the ABCDE Method that I came across in one of Brian Tracy’s personal productivity CD’s. This method requires that you review your list of tasks, before you begin, and put an A, B, C, D or E next to each one. The very act of performing this exercise and thinking through your tasks before you start work will dramatically increase your efficiency and effectiveness once you begin working.

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