Some of the best things in life are free. A lot of helpful engineering documents however do not cost a dime either. Here’s where to find them.


Travel PlanEven though you may have experience traveling, it is always a good idea to make a business travel plan. Many companies actually require you to submit some form of travel plan before you are even allowed to go on a business trip. But even if such a requirement is not imposed I’d still recommend to make one.

Why should I make a Business Travel Plan?

Think of it as a flight plan: no airline pilot is ever allowed to take off without one. So why should you?

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Red Bag Document

Guideline Document

The old BADGER company in The Hague had developed many engineering and design guides/standards to help the engineers in their day to day work.

After their bankruptcy all of these documents passed on to the company Red Bag that now makes most of them available as a free library on their website.

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Ever been in the situation where you just did not seem to remember the formula for the volume of a truncated cone? or the surface area of an ellipsoid?

No sweat: there is a website that will answer all of those questions and more: Wolfram Math World.

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For anyone who needs to read-up on heat transfer in the broadest sense of the word, the Wolverine Databook is a good place to start. And the good news is: it’s for free!

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