Hans van der ValkHello, my name is Hans van der Valk and The Falchemist is my blog dealing with professional improvement for engineers in the EPC business.

As I’m a chemical engineering consultant, there’s a strong focus on chemical engineering, but other disciplines may find my posts just as useful.

In my 20+ years of experience as an engineer and consultant I’ve come across many situations where improvement was possible in some form or other. Sometimes a technical solution could be improved or the work process or software used to obtain it. Sometimes the engineer could be improved by learning new skills.

I find the process all of us go through as we gain professional experience bear resemblance to old alchemic principles. Not only do we need to purify and thereby improve our products: also the alchemist himself needs to be improved along the way.

The sign of aquarius in my blog’s logo used to symbolize this process of the alchemist working towards his Magnum Opus. And – coïncidence or not – it also happens to be my zodiac sign. The name of my blog is then only a word-game away as my sur-name reads Falcon in English.

By means of this blog I want to share my concept of improvement in the everyday engineering work environment. I hope to provide fellow engineers with valuable insights, tools and information. Feel free to use any of this to improve your skills, your work and your products on your path to performing your own Magnum Opus.

In case you wish to share some of your own work or idea’s, feel free to comment on blog posts or contact me directly. This way you may contribute to the blog’s growing content which may eventually grow into some kind of forum for chemical engineers.

Hans van der Valk

The Falchemist